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Since we are a multi-generational church, we reflect a variety of songs and styles in each service. You can expect to hear songs and hymns that have stood the test of time and music being written today, including songs written by our own Chapel Together worship team.

Spencer Eller


That was our desire when we started in 1986, and it remains our desire now. Whatever your background, wherever you are in your relationship with God, whatever stage of life you are passing through—we want you to know that you're welcome.
-Bill Schroeder
 Founding Pastor 

We want to help people take next steps.

In early 1986 a small group of friends were meeting for a Bible study, looking at the book of Acts, the early Church. And there came a moment, a pause, when a longing began to hum in that room, in those hearts.


Could church really be like that?


Like how it's described in Acts? Could church be so vibrant, so life-giving, so approachable, so appealing that whole communities are changed? Where love and friendship move us to help each other, and needs are met, where we share life, we celebrate, and together we joyfully experience…life-change.Then that little group began to ask another kind of question: what keeps people we know, our neighbors and friends, away from church?The answers had a sad consistency: church isn’t relevant; churches talk too much about money; the church has so many problems, and I don’t need any more problems in my life!Is it possible to have a church where those issues are not the norm?And the little group began to feel an excitement. Because it felt like God was saying, “I’m going to do something here. Something new. And I’m choosing you to be a part of it.”In moments of unmistakable clarity as the little group met together, and in other moments private and profound to listening hearts, God asked for followers who would…follow.He leads. He orchestrates. Our part is to listen the best we can, follow the best we can.He looks for our willingness, and waits for us to take a deep breath and jump.And the dream, His dream, comes alive.The little Bible study group, led by Pastor Bill and Darlene Schroeder, set a date, the last Sunday of September 1986, to begin to be the kind of church their hearts longed for.So that was the beginning. And since then—and up ahead, too—many more moments of God dreaming, planning, whispering. And more moments where our hearts resonate with His dream, and we say “yes,” and we step forward on the path He’s marked.Please know you are warmly invited to join this story any time, and we’ll journey forward together.




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Service Times:

Sunday 9 & 11am

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