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Below are global COVID-19 reports from our Chapel ministry partners. Please, for all our partners, simply pray for WISDOM in how to carry out ministry and for PROTECTION for them and the communities/countries in which they serve.


Just this week, the first cases of COVID-19 were discovered.  Only 20 ventilators are in the entire country and very limited hospital bed space.  Social distancing will be very difficult for one of the most densely populated countries in the world (11 million in a country the size of Maryland).  The viral spread comes at an especially difficult time with the country gearing up for national elections. Chapel Partners:   Harvest Initiatives (ministering to Chapel-adopted village of Bugenyuzi) and Kickoff to Hope.


Prime Minister Modi has called for a 3-week quarantine of 1.3 billion people.  That may be possible for the well-to-do but not for the poor.   Hindu Bible Institute and India Gospel League are both in a position of wanting to move forward with ministry (receptivity of the gospel has been very high)….but also wanting to honor the mandates and wishes of the government. Chapel Partners:  Bobby and Linnet Gupta with Hindustan Bible Institute….and India Gospel League (ministering to Chapel-adopted village of Sarai).


Some say the United States is about one week ahead of Mexico.  A mandate of social distancing will be extremely difficult for the smaller churches who love to congregate.  However, as one partner mentioned,  “The one silver lining is everyone’s mind is on eternity and the Lord right now.  Several years ago, during the Swine flu epidemic, we saw a lot of people come to the Lord…so our pastors are busy sharing Christ.”  Chapel Partners:  Valerie and Nicasio Martinez doing Bible translation…and Roger Tomlinson with Dayspring Outreach Ministries.


Warren Janzen leads a sizable missionary-sending agency called SEND.  The ministry focus is to send Christ-followers into some of the most unreached places on earth.,,, 510 workers in 21 countries from 13 different passport countries.  All efforts have been impacted.   In Warren’s words:  “The amazing part is that SEND was birthed out of global crisis - WWII.  I am looking with faith to what God will birth out of this global crisis!” Chapel Partners:  Warren and Dorothy Janzen, SEND International.


Never has clean water been more important.  Filter of Hope’s ministry in Cuba is going full speed.  Besides the normal precautions for COVID-19, and the appropriate seriousness for those effected, the Santees and Filter of Hope are spilling over with energy and enthusiasm for helping people give clean drinking water and Jesus to families who are thirsty for both. Chapel Partners:  Scott and Lisa Santee with Filter of Hope.


Doyle Klaassen, a long-time Chapel supported missionary, was declined travel to Germany to teach at Bibelschule Brake.  

Alena Serrano, a Chapel young adult, was forced to return from New Zealand where she was being trained in global outreach by Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  

Bill and Darlene Schroeder, love doing missionary care ministry with SEND International, but they had to postpone indefinitely their Spring travel plans.



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